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This blog contains all things related to landscape and architecture photography, focusing on photo journeys and trip-reports, articles

about in-field camera- and post-processing techniquesphoto reviews, videos and free wallpapers as well as some inspirational posts.


greetings, from, river, stream, national park, jungle, valley, forest, czech republic, 2015Last weekend, after literally months of incredibly hot weather here in Germany this year, I once again left the comfort zone of my regular life with our cozy appartment, the large comfortable bed, my digital darkroom / computer & gaming room with new inspirational and entertaining digital adventures like Witcher III waiting for me to be consumed as well as the strong, hot and tasty coffee in the morning. All in exchange for another real experience and to really feel alive and enjoy being out in nature in the central German uplands of Saxon-Switzerland National Park as well as the fore ... Continue reading →

▲ Scroll up | Permalink | Read Comments (0) | Write CommentPublished 4 years and 9 months ago by Dave

mountain, snow, roadshot, street, norway, 2015At the beginning of the year we thought about possible travels for this summer. The most important questions were first and foremost where to go and secondly what type of travel do we actually want to do. After some consideration and research we decided to do a roadtrip through Fjord Norway and travel and sleep in a camping van for the first time. Due to some social obligations in June and July the only possible timeframe for the trip was May, which means we would visit Norway before the main season when most of the campsites, streets and trails are literally full with people, tents and camping ... Continue reading →

▲ Scroll up | Permalink | Read Comments (2) | Write CommentPublished 5 years ago by Dave

sunset, forest, sunstar, garlic, flower, spring, leipzig, germanyAt the end of April / beginning of May is the season for the blooming wild garlic (or bear's garlic) in and around the forests and parks of Leipzig. During this two or three weeks almost everywhere and as far as one can see the woods are full of this blooming wild garlic and its special smell. It really looks like a white carpet in the forests. During the last fours years or so I tried to create quite some good photos of this natural phenomenon and I am pretty satisfied with those photos but this year I wanted to create an image with a bit more specials or magic features like a little stream ... Continue reading →

▲ Scroll up | Permalink | Read Comments (2) | Write CommentPublished 5 years and 1 month ago by Dave

sunrise, greetings from, golden, mountain, saxon switzerland, germany, 2015I recently again spent some days in Saxon Switzerland National Park hiking some peaks and exploring the area while sleeping in the car at night with the focus not on creating photos but primarily to enjoy being outdoors with no goals to capture or any possible photos in mind. One morning, after spending a pretty cold night in the car, I enjoyed this nice golden and warm sunrise on "Kleiner Winterberg" in Saxony-Switzerland, Germany. More processed photos will follow soon. The Hiker - Prints Available Zschand Morning Pano - Prints Available ... Continue reading →

▲ Scroll up | Permalink | Read Comments (0) | Write CommentPublished 5 years and 3 months ago by Dave

wolfswarte, winter, harz, sunset, snow, sun, germany, 2015Yesterday I have enjoyed a nice but incredibly windy and cold sunset on the Wolfswarte in Harz, Germany. In these moments when you're in nature and feel your body and the cold you really know you're still alive and not only yet another zombie sitting at the computer (or using any mobile device) the whole day. Spending some time outdoors in nature away from any devices and media and whatnot is always a good idea to clear one's head again. So, go out and play... RSS consumers of this site will automatically get informed about the final image of this shooting. **UPDATE** ... Continue reading →

▲ Scroll up | Permalink | Read Comments (0) | Write CommentPublished 5 years and 4 months ago by Dave

greetings, sunrays, forest, autumn, fall, czech republic, 2014Hi there, I just wanted to send some quick greetings to you from my annual autumn tours in the Saxony Switzerland, the Bohemian Switzerland and of course from Harz National Park. I am also excited to additionally visit the Thurungian Forest for the first time this year. The foliage in Saxony Switzerland already looked great this weekend and I was quite lucky with the light every once in a while as you can see in the picture below. Stay tuned for the upcoming processed new images, meanwhile feel free to enjoy some autumn photos from ... Continue reading →

▲ Scroll up | Permalink | Read Comments (0) | Write CommentPublished 5 years and 8 months ago by Dave

sunset, dunes, el oasis, maspalomas, gran canaria, desert, spainAfter the exhausting trip through Scotland we decided to spend some time swimming, relaxing and simply enjoying the sun (with about 36°C) at the beaches and dunes of Maspalomas / Playa del Inglés in Gran Canaria, Spain. Compared with the almost desolated landscapes of Scotland it was quite a contrast to share the beach with so many other people (see pictures below). Nethertheless we had a nice time on the island with great food and weather! I think we only saw one single cloud the whole time there. Even though the main goal of the trip was to relax - of course ... Continue reading →

▲ Scroll up | Permalink | Read Comments (0) | Write CommentPublished 5 years and 9 months ago by Dave

sunset, car, camping, quiraing, road, scotland, 2014In June I was planning a several week trip through Scotland for the following month, which means I would be on tour at the same time when Le Tour is taking place. So I would not only miss the Soccer World Cup but above all my beloved Tour de France. You do what you can for photography, huh! In the screenshot (image below) you can see the planned route. This rough route stretches for about 2200 kilometers. With all the sightseeing, scouting and the distance Leipzig-Amsterdam-Leipzig the length of the trip was about 4500 kilometers. A lot of planning and preparation took place ... Continue reading →

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view, carolafelsen, saxon switzerland, nationalpark, selfie, germany, 2014In preparation of my next big photo trip I recently spent some nights car camping, testing what equipment I need to go on a photo expedition only by car (for maximum flexibility) for several weeks. For this particular day I wanted to hike to the "Carolafelsen" in the Saxony-Switzerland National Park, enjoy the scenery there, shoot sunset and then descend in the dark back to the car and explore some other locations the next day. Since it was Midsummer Night (the longest day of the year) and I already know this location, I've scouted the suns position with the Photographers Ephemeris ... Continue reading →

▲ Scroll up | Permalink | Read Comments (0) | Write CommentPublished 6 years ago by Dave

greetings, from, shooting, bavaria, sunset, germany, 2014We are back from some nice and eventful weeks of traveling and hopefully with quite a few decent photos! I am currently trying to switch back from travel / adventure / work-in-the-field mode to normal office-work-mode. Usally it takes me one or two days to get used to it again. Within the last month we traveled from the beaches of the Baltic Sea south to the Alps, visited some nice alpine lakes, flowering meadows, awesome gorges, the Fairytale Castle Neuschwanstein and the summit of Mt. Zugspitze (with its 2.962m it is the highest mountain of Germany and therefore also called the Top of ... Continue reading →

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