With this article I present my personal three favorite photos from 2020. Due to the pandemic I was shooting primarily in Germany from the Alps in the south to the Baltic Sea in the north and some places like the fabulous Harz, Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland and the wild blooming featherlands near Lüneburg in between. I also wrote more than twenty new tutorials, guides and product reviews for my german landscape photography blog, have a few more calender covers for 2021 and wrote an article for c't Fotografie magazine, which is available from now on.


Following are my personal top three photos of 2020:




Wild red poppies and a golden cornfield catch the last light of the day in the beautiful rural countryside in Germany.






After a very rainy night spent in the back of my car I woke up at 5am in the morning, did a short hike to this location and was fortnuate enough to witness this awesome conditions at sunrise. The frame shows the calm lake, the impressive mountains, reflections in the water, rising fog and light in the clouds. What a start in the day!





Vivid sunset colors and crashing waves during the golden hour at a wild and windy beach in northern Germany.




Anual Best of Gallery


If you're interested in seeing more photos of 2020, here is my anual gallery with the 16 best photos of 2020.

Published 3 years and 6 months ago by Dave


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