Welcome to the online portfolio of Dave Derbis. I am an full-time professional software engineer and award-winning photographer who licenses stock photography for commercial and editorial use, sells fine-art prints, and offers private & small group photography tours.

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Favorite Landscape Photos:


Canon Europe The Assignment


- Iceland

Company: Coast
Director: Matthew Huntley

Producer: Charlie Druce
Duration: 60 seconds

Photos from Iceland

Download: wmv/zip file

German Version

The Assignment - Landscape Film (it takes a second to prefetch the video)


Dave Derbis Calendar

Wild Europe Calendar 2019

With this calender, which is available in a german and english version, you will find beautiful landscapes of wild places from all around Europe including Northern Norway (Lofoten Islands), Scotland, Portugal, Spain and Germany.

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Dave Derbis Calendar

Man and Nature Calendar 2019

In this calender, which is available in a german and english version, you will find beautiful and spectacular landscapes next to man made structures from all around Europe including Northern Norway (Lofoten Islands), Scotland, Italy and Germany.

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Dave Derbis Calendar

Dave's Landscape Calendar 2019

Daves 2019 landscape calendar with some of his favourite shots of the last years.

From Icelands Glaciers south to the Austrian Alps, you experience a wide range of stunning landscapes.

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Wildes Deutschland Fotokalender

Calendar - Wild Germany

The new calendar "Wild Germany" is now available.

From the shores of the Baltic Sea to the highlands of Harz and Saxon Switzerland down to the Alps you can experience a great variety of wonderful German landscapes. Available in Din A3 or Din A4.

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sunrise, mountains, valley, forest, saxon switzerland, sun, sunstar, fog, golden, germany, 2017

Print of the Month

- "Velen"

A beautiful golden sunrise over the Zschand valley with the rugged peaks (ltr) called Lorenzsteine, Heulenberg, Teichstein and Winterstein, all seen from a peak called Kleiner Winterberg in Saxon Switzerland. The whole area strongly reminds me of Vizima and Velen (known from Witcher III). I really like exploring the area of the Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland with all it's ancient hiking paths, mystical forests and wild mountains where once real robber knights used to live and walking through the woods was not as safe as today.

After studying weather forecasts and the sun's position at sunrise for several weeks, one Friday evening I thought I'll give it a try. Getting up at 2:00 am and driving for two hours through the night plus one hour of hiking in the dark to be there one hour before sunrise once again payed off this time. (Although I had hoped for more mist but you can't have it all.) It's just an awesome and really enjoyable view to say the least.

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