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This blog contains all things related to landscape and architecture photography, focusing on photo journeys and trip-reports, articles

about in-field camera- and post-processing techniquesphoto reviews, videos and free wallpapers as well as some inspirational posts.


greetings, sunrays, forest, autumn, fall, czech republic, 2014After being into landscape photography for more than 15 years now during last couple of years I've always thought about writing more about landscape photography. I thought about writing an eBook or to publish a "real" book or creating a dedicated site for it with the purpose on sharing my knowledge and thoughts about it with other people. At the end of the last year I figured out and realized that my passion for landscape photography, writing and creating websites is best combined with a new photo blog. So, there it is. I finally started the new project at the ... Continue reading →

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sunset, mountains, dolomites, autumn, fall, foliage, rugged, alps, italy, 2018In mid-October I revisited the rugged Dolomites in the Italian Alps to go on some kind of thoughtful and peaceful light-hunt and to enjoy the eye-wateringly spectacular views from the top of some famous mountain pass roads and hiking trails while car-camping and hiking my way through the mountains of South-Tyrol. I was there a couple of times before, one visit during summer and one during autumn. This time I wanted to focus on some places where I wasn't before, enjoy the larch foliage, the pleasant low and refreshing temperatures after the very hot and dry summer here in Eur ... Continue reading →

▲ Scroll up | Permalink | Read Comments (0) | Write CommentPublished 1 year and 1 month ago by Dave

ocean, coast, cliffs, beach, summer, golden hour, kos, greece, 2018In the end of august / beginning of september we decided to spent some days just relaxing in a nice beach resort on Kos island in Greece. After countless years of individual traveling I once again booked a prepackaged tour including flights, transfer and hotel - and I have to admit - it was a really enjoyable and relaxing holdiday and not a dedicated (and sometimes exhausting) photo tour like my road-trips through Scandinavia, Scotland, Iceland, Norway or Germany for instance. But of course I couldn't resist to take my large Nikon D810 camera + lenses with me, but to my own surprise I ... Continue reading →

▲ Scroll up | Permalink | Read Comments (2) | Write CommentPublished 1 year and 3 months ago by Dave

golden hour, mountains, light, sunset, alps, lake, drone, eibsee, reflection, island, germany, 2018In early July I had a week off from work and decided relatively spontaneously to do a little bavarian lakes photo tour in the german Alps. I wanted to revisit some places I last visited about 10 years ago, scout some new locations and primarily just enjoy nature and relax but also do some decent mountain hikes which I wanted to do for quite a few years now, like the so called "Höllentalklamm" (devils deep), a very impressive, narrow, rugged and wild gorge near the Zugspitze (Germany's highest mountain, 2962m). This time I had no particular photos in my mind which ... Continue reading →

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sunrise, mountains, valley, forest, saxon switzerland, sun, sunstar, germany, 2018Last week I spontaneously decided to give a long anticipated photo another chance to be finally realized. There is only a time window of a about a month per year to create this photo where the sun is at the right desired position during sunrise, clear horizons provided. Only between the end of May and mid-June the suns position at sunrise would be there directly behind the rugged peak of the Heringstein summit which results in a nicely composed and interesting image, at least in my humble opinion. As usual I've planned this trip with various apps, maps and tools like Photographers Ephemeris&n ... Continue reading →

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harbour, fischer hut, rorbuers, ocean, golden hour, sunbeams, sunset, rugged, mountains, norway, 2017At the beginning of the year I began to plan a long anticipated roadtrip through whole scandinavia. I had scheduled about a month off from work during summer in August and September of 2017. For this photo expedition I booked a camper van, a Karmann Dexter, early in the year. I knew this car very well from our roadtrip through Fjord Norway in 2015. But contrary to our travels back then where the main focus of the trip was to enjoy the travel experience and the beautiful landscapes itself, this time my focus was on photography like it was during recent roadtrips through Scotland (2014) ... Continue reading →

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sunset, mountains, view, lake, alpine, rugged, pass, dolomites, italy, 2016With this article I want to present to you my annual selection of the twelve personal favorite landscape photos from the year 2016. You can read on and scroll down or feel free to directly check out the gallery or sitback, relax and enjoy the slideshow! 2016 was a absolutely great year! We directly kicked off on the first of January with an awesome moody evening at the Baltic Sea where I created Ocean Serenity and Windswept. In the first month of the year we also started planning our upcoming longer trips in the summer time which was quite some work with all the flights, rental cars and ... Continue reading →

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greetings, from, sunset, bay, glacier, jökulsarlon, camera, iceland, 2016Hi there, we're back from an awesome trip through Iceland. In the last weeks we drove more than 4000km all over the island and had really close encounters with wild puffins, seals and huge humpback whales, saw breathtaking Northern Lights dancing directly above our heads and all around us, paddled through huge glacier bays filled with icebergs, had nice sunsets and interesting river crossings in the highlands on the F-roads and had some fun with our Jeep, not to forget all the hiking and the thousands of waterfalls and rainbows along the road and simply the interesting and active volcanic landscapes ... Continue reading →

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sunrise, cap, sea, coast, mountain, morning, mallorca, spain, 2011During my studies of Information Management I was introduced to landscape photography and some basic techniques through a fellow photographer and good friend. His interest and enthusiasm for photography simply took off and I was virtually instantly fascinated by creating images. When I first saw his photos and those of other advanced and experienced photographers I also wanted to be able to create something like this by myself. I began to learn like crazy, read articles, tutorials, essays and since the very beginning I have - to a certain degree - photography on my mind every single day. During ... Continue reading →

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witcher 3, game, ingame, photography, screenshot, skellige, 2016In the last months I worked on a new project - in-game photography. Since I like exploring and enjoying virtual adventures like Skyrim, Witcher, Fallout, Doom etc. and I've already spent quite some time with those adventures and I already have some knowledge about creating images in general, I recently thought why not combining both interests. This new gallery of in-game photographs is the result of this endeavor. All the images below are created in the world of Witcher III, most of them in Skellige. The islands of Skellige remind me the strongest of the real northern realms like ... Continue reading →

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