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This blog contains all things related to landscape and architecture photography, focusing on photo journeys and trip-reports, articles

about in-field camera- and post-processing techniquesphoto reviews, videos and free wallpapers as well as some inspirational posts.


harbour, fischer hut, rorbuers, ocean, golden hour, sunbeams, sunset, rugged, mountains, norway, 2017At the beginning of the year I began to plan a long anticipated roadtrip through whole scandinavia. I had scheduled about a month off from work during summer in August and September of 2017. For this photo expedition I booked a camper van, a Karmann Dexter, early in the year. I knew this car very well from our roadtrip through Fjord Norway in 2015. But contrary to our travels back then where the main focus of the trip was to enjoy the travel experience and the beautiful landscapes itself, this time my focus was on photography like it was during recent roadtrips through Scotland (2014) ... Continue reading →

▲ Scroll up | Permalink | Read Comments (0) | Write CommentPublished 6 years and 2 months ago by Dave

mountain, snow, roadshot, street, norway, 2015At the beginning of the year we thought about possible travels for this summer. The most important questions were first and foremost where to go and secondly what type of travel do we actually want to do. After some consideration and research we decided to do a roadtrip through Fjord Norway and travel and sleep in a camping van for the first time. Due to some social obligations in June and July the only possible timeframe for the trip was May, which means we would visit Norway before the main season when most of the campsites, streets and trails are literally full with people, tents and camping ... Continue reading →

▲ Scroll up | Permalink | Read Comments (2) | Write CommentPublished 9 years ago by Dave

sunset, lofoten, sunstar, fjord, moos, grass, lake, norwayBack in 2013, from mid-august to mid-september, we spent some weeks above the arctic circle on the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway. During the first part of the trip we were based in a beautiful and cozy rorbuer in Hamnøya near Reine on Mosekenesøya and did some decent mountain hikes (steep up to 70%) like Reinebringen, Kvalvika Beach and Bunes Beach and visited lots of other worth seeing villages, mountains and beaches like Eggum-, Uttakleiv- and Unstad Beach on Flakstadøya and Vestvågøya.     Nordpollen Road - Prints Available ... Continue reading →

▲ Scroll up | Permalink | Read Comments (0) | Write CommentPublished 10 years and 4 months ago by Dave

kirsten, hiking, reinebringen, lofoten, norway, 2013 When visiting the Lofoten and especially Moskenesøya, Reinebringen should be on top of every hikers list. It is a relatively short but really steep and challenging hike (40% - 70%). Even though the summit is at only 448 meter it provides some of the best and breathtaking panoramic views of Reinefjorden, Kjerkfjorden, Reine, Sakrisøy, Hamnøy and the famous Lofoten Wall. It is recommened to wait for one or two dry days in a row so the mountainside can dry a bit and is not too wet and slippery. We did the hike on the end of august after one sunny day without rain and I think ... Continue reading →

▲ Scroll up | Permalink | Read Comments (2) | Write CommentPublished 10 years and 8 months ago by Dave

lofoten, norway, street, roadshot, mountain, wet, rain, 2013 After six flights, a few ferry rides and about 2000km in the car we are back from the Lofoten, Norway. We had some nice and eventful weeks in the arctic from mid-august to mid-september but the weather was kind of strange and a bit odd. The first days we had a good mix of rain and clouds but then we often only had completely grey skies and flat light or blue bird skies without any clouds. Not quite optimal for landscape photography. But since it was not a pure photo motivated and dedicated tour we nevertheless enjoyed this trip and seeing this breathtaking Lofoten landscapes with our ... Continue reading →

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