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This blog contains all things related to landscape and architecture photography, focusing on photo journeys and trip-reports, articles

about in-field camera- and post-processing techniquesphoto reviews, videos and free wallpapers as well as some inspirational posts.


waterfall, skye, summer, sunset, cliff, scotland, 2014Today I want to present to you my annual selection of the twelve personal favorite landscape photos from the year 2014. Feel free to check out the gallery or sitback, relax and enjoy the slideshow! Beside this years spring and winter travels to the Baltic Sea and my adventurous landscape photography trip to Scotland, my autumn hiking tours to Saxony-Switzerland and Harz National Park we also traveled to Gran Canaria in order to enjoy the sun and photograph the Dunes of Maspalomas in Spain. Click here to see all images of 2014. ... Continue reading →

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sunset, valley, summer, saxon switzerland, sunstar, forest, mountain, view, germany"The fact, that a technically incorrect photograph (in the conventional sense) can be emotionally more effective than a technically flawless image, will be shocking to those, who are naive enough to believe that technical perfection constitutes the true value of a photograph. A technically perfect photograph can be the world’s most boring picture." Andreas Feininger Introduction What makes an interesting, good or even great landscape photo is highly individual and always depends on your own interests, background and desired style of photography (same applies to the ... Continue reading →

▲ Scroll up | Permalink | Read Comments (0) | Write CommentPublished 8 years ago by Dave

sunset, dunes, el oasis, maspalomas, gran canaria, desert, spainAfter the exhausting trip through Scotland we decided to spend some time swimming, relaxing and simply enjoying the sun (with about 36°C) at the beaches and dunes of Maspalomas / Playa del Inglés in Gran Canaria, Spain. Compared with the almost desolated landscapes of Scotland it was quite a contrast to share the beach with so many other people (see pictures below). Nethertheless we had a nice time on the island with great food and weather! I think we only saw one single cloud the whole time there. Even though the main goal of the trip was to relax - of course ... Continue reading →

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sunset, car, camping, quiraing, road, scotland, 2014In June I was planning a several week trip through Scotland for the following month, which means I would be on tour at the same time when Le Tour is taking place. So I would not only miss the Soccer World Cup but above all my beloved Tour de France. You do what you can for photography, huh! In the screenshot (image below) you can see the planned route. This rough route stretches for about 2200 kilometers. With all the sightseeing, scouting and the distance Leipzig-Amsterdam-Leipzig the length of the trip was about 4500 kilometers. A lot of planning and preparation took place ... Continue reading →

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view, carolafelsen, saxon switzerland, nationalpark, selfie, germany, 2014In preparation of my next big photo trip I recently spent some nights car camping, testing what equipment I need to go on a photo expedition only by car (for maximum flexibility) for several weeks. For this particular day I wanted to hike to the "Carolafelsen" in the Saxony-Switzerland National Park, enjoy the scenery there, shoot sunset and then descend in the dark back to the car and explore some other locations the next day. Since it was Midsummer Night (the longest day of the year) and I already know this location, I've scouted the suns position with the Photographers Ephemeris ... Continue reading →

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greetings, from, shooting, bavaria, sunset, germany, 2014We are back from some nice and eventful weeks of traveling and hopefully with quite a few decent photos! I am currently trying to switch back from travel / adventure / work-in-the-field mode to normal office-work-mode. Usally it takes me one or two days to get used to it again. Within the last month we traveled from the beaches of the Baltic Sea south to the Alps, visited some nice alpine lakes, flowering meadows, awesome gorges, the Fairytale Castle Neuschwanstein and the summit of Mt. Zugspitze (with its 2.962m it is the highest mountain of Germany and therefore also called the Top of ... Continue reading →

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autumn, forest, foliage, stream, ilse, harz, germanyMotivation Today a lot of people (including possible clients) will first and foremost see your work online in some sort of a web gallery on your own personal website or social media like Facebook, Google+ or 500px. Therefore the resized web versions of your photos should be presented at their best. Over the years I've tried lots of different methods and I am now using a combination of various techniques in order to get the best results possible. There are quite a few steps to do but you don't have to do them manually for each photo. I've built an Photoshop action set you ... Continue reading →

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sunset, lofoten, sunstar, fjord, moos, grass, lake, norwayBack in 2013, from mid-august to mid-september, we spent some weeks above the arctic circle on the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway. During the first part of the trip we were based in a beautiful and cozy rorbuer in Hamnøya near Reine on Mosekenesøya and did some decent mountain hikes (steep up to 70%) like Reinebringen, Kvalvika Beach and Bunes Beach and visited lots of other worth seeing villages, mountains and beaches like Eggum-, Uttakleiv- and Unstad Beach on Flakstadøya and Vestvågøya.     Nordpollen Road - Prints Available ... Continue reading →

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