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We are back from some nice and eventful weeks of traveling and hopefully with quite a few decent photos!


I am currently trying to switch back from travel / adventure / work-in-the-field mode to normal office-work-mode. Usally it takes me one or two days to get used to it again. Within the last month we traveled from the beaches of the Baltic Sea south to the Alps, visited some nice alpine lakes, flowering meadows, awesome gorges, the Fairytale Castle Neuschwanstein and the summit of Mt. Zugspitze (with its 2.962m it is the highest mountain of Germany and therefore also called the Top of Germany).


I am looking forward to review and process all the new images in the next weeks, so stay tuned and get the latest additions via my RSS Feed or social media like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. See the large version of this first preview image "Greetings from the Alps" of this trip by clicking here or the thumbnail image above. Side Note: I'm already looking forward to the next trip!


**UPDATE** - here are some of the processed photos







Published 10 years and 1 month ago by Dave


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