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This blog contains all things related to landscape and architecture photography, focusing on photo journeys and trip-reports, articles

about in-field camera- and post-processing techniquesphoto reviews, videos and free wallpapers as well as some inspirational posts.


sunset, sun, summer, mountains, forest, view, rugged, saxon switzerland, germany, 2016Last weekend, after a period of very unstable weather with lots of thunderstorms and heavy rain here in Germany, on Friday, the forecast for the next two days looked stable and promising enough for me to go on my mountain summit bivouac in Saxon Switzerland National Park. I planned this trip around a possible sunrise shooting at a peak called Heringstein, where I wasn't before. I wanted to explore the area and scout possible new locations for upcoming trips into the region. Between early June and mid-July the suns position at sunrise would be exactly between two peaks you see from Heringstein ... Continue reading →

▲ Scroll up | Permalink | Read Comments (0) | Write CommentPublished 8 years ago by Dave

sunrise, hiking, saxon switzerland, wanderer, view, valley, germany, latestWith this article I want to present to you my annual selection of the twelve personal favorite landscape photos from the year 2015. You can read on and scroll down or feel free to directly check out the gallery or sitback, relax and enjoy the slideshow! This year during winter between January and March we traveled to the Baltic Sea, Harz National Park and to the Saxon Switzerland, I conducted a photo workshop in April and photographed the wild garlic season in May in and around Leipzig. At the end of May we did an awesome Roadtrip through Fjord Norway followed by some shorter daytrips and ... Continue reading →

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greetings, from, autumn, valley, forest, harz, germany, 2015Last weekend I re-visited the Elendstal in the Harz region. A pretty nice valley I first explored in this years winter season. The weather was overcast and a little rainy which is actually pretty good for forest photography because the rain pushes the natural colors and with a polarizer filter you can easily boost the overall contrast and at the same time reduces reflections of the water which makes a huge positive difference on the image. But unfortunately due to our autumn trip to the Dolomites and the massive rainfalls and strong winds during the last weeks I was a bit late to capture autumns ... Continue reading →

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lake, reflection, autumn, fall, trees, mountains, alpes, dolomites, italy, 2015, latestThis year we have visited and explored the Italian Dolomites during the autumn season in October. In the beginning of the year we originally planed to go to the famous Aletsch Glacier and the Matterhorn region around the village Zermatt in Switzerland but after a little online research in Google Maps, Earth and The Photographer's Ephemeris for possible photo opportunities, locations, sights and things to do there (beside hiking and photographing) and how to actually get there we both decided to look for an alternative and postpone the trip to an early summer season when the wild flowers ... Continue reading →

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ipa, photowards, 2015, honorable mentionI am pretty happy to be awarded again in the International Photo Awards in 2015. This year I received five Honorable Mentions in the three different categories Landscapes, Trees and Seasons. The official Press Release: On September 29 2015 the International Photography Awards competition (IPA) announced Category Winners of 2015 Competition! This year, IPA received over 27000 submissions from 104 countries across the globe and is pleased to declare that Dave Derbis was awarded Honorable Mention in the Nature - Landscapes, Trees and Seasons Categories in the 2015 International ... Continue reading →

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greetings, from, river, stream, national park, jungle, valley, forest, czech republic, 2015Last weekend, after literally months of incredibly hot weather here in Germany this year, I once again left the comfort zone of my regular life with our cozy appartment, the large comfortable bed, my digital darkroom / computer & gaming room with new inspirational and entertaining digital adventures like Witcher III waiting for me to be consumed as well as the strong, hot and tasty coffee in the morning. All in exchange for another real experience and to really feel alive and enjoy being out in nature in the central German uplands of Saxon-Switzerland National Park as well as the fore ... Continue reading →

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mountain, snow, roadshot, street, norway, 2015At the beginning of the year we thought about possible travels for this summer. The most important questions were first and foremost where to go and secondly what type of travel do we actually want to do. After some consideration and research we decided to do a roadtrip through Fjord Norway and travel and sleep in a camping van for the first time. Due to some social obligations in June and July the only possible timeframe for the trip was May, which means we would visit Norway before the main season when most of the campsites, streets and trails are literally full with people, tents and camping ... Continue reading →

▲ Scroll up | Permalink | Read Comments (2) | Write CommentPublished 9 years ago by Dave

sunset, forest, sunstar, garlic, wild garlic, flower, spring, leipzig, germanyAt the end of April / beginning of May is the season for the blooming wild garlic (or bear's garlic) in and around the forests and parks of Leipzig. During this two or three weeks almost everywhere and as far as one can see the woods are full of this blooming wild garlic and its special smell. It really looks like a white carpet in the forests. During the last fours years or so I tried to create quite some good photos of this natural phenomenon and I am pretty satisfied with those photos but this year I wanted to create an image with a bit more specials or magic features like a little stream ... Continue reading →

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blue hour, leipzig, city, germany, 2015During the last weekend, on saturday, I leaded a small private photo workshop here in Leipzig, Germany. We met in the early afternoon at central station in the center of Leipzig. We then walked quite a couple of kilometers and staircases through the whole city center with all its nice patios, passages, fountains, streets, buildings, new train stations and lots of other interesting places. During our walking tour we talked about lots of photo related topics like basic camera functions (modes, exposure, aperture, ISO, etc.), image composition (seeing, leading lines, near to far, rule of thirds),  ... Continue reading →

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greetings, sunset, beach, winter, snow, kirsten, baltic sea, darss, weststrand, germany, 2015Greetings and Happy New Year from this beautiful snow covered and wild beach (Weststrand) near Zingst, Baltic Sea, Germany. This is one of the first images created with my new Nikon D810 and I'm totally amazed about the dynamic range this sensor is able to capture within a single exposure! I really can't wait for this years travels to the mountains and fjords of southern Norway in spring and the famous Matthorn in Switzerland during autumn.  **UPDATE** - here are some of the processed photos Baltic Sea Winter Sunrise - Prints Available ... Continue reading →

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