With this article I want to present to you my annual selection of the twelve personal favorite landscape photos from the year 2015. You can read on and scroll down or feel free to directly check out the gallery or sitback, relax and enjoy the slideshow!


This year during winter between January and March we traveled to the Baltic Sea, Harz National Park and to the Saxon Switzerland, I conducted a photo workshop in April and photographed the wild garlic season in May in and around Leipzig. At the end of May we did an awesome Roadtrip through Fjord Norway followed by some shorter daytrips and our summer getaway to the Bohemain Switzerland in the Czech Republic. In October we made a trip to the Dolomites during the peak of the autumn season there and a late autumn trip to some beautiful valleys in the Harz region. Feel free to read more and get details of each trip by clicking the links above.


Looking back I am pretty happy with the trips, new experiences and their photographic output, even though this year I found it particulary hard to stay motivated with landscape photography in general. We often had bad weather - at least from a photographic point of view - either we had blue bird skies without any clouds or completely grey skies with a lot of rain. As you can imagine both cases are far from ideal for dramatic, stunning and eye-opening images. Of course you can't always be lucky but it is frustrating when you spend weeks of planning, preparation, scouting online etc. with a growing anticipation, plus all the money needed for each trip and then you have bad luck with the weather several times in succession. But fortunately memories are like good wine and get better with time and you only firstly remember the highlights and good times of those travels. I'm already looking forward to next years travels, even though until now we don't know where exactly we're going to in 2016. We'll see what the future brings. Below you see my twelve personal favorite images of 2015. You can also click here to see all images of 2015.





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Published 8 years and 6 months ago by Dave


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