At the end of April / beginning of May is the season for the blooming wild garlic (or bear's garlic) in and around the forests and parks of Leipzig. During this two or three weeks almost everywhere and as far as one can see the woods are full of this blooming wild garlic and its special smell. It really looks like a white carpet in the forests. During the last fours years or so I tried to create quite some good photos of this natural phenomenon and I am pretty satisfied with those photos but this year I wanted to create an image with a bit more specials or magic features like a little stream leading the viewer though the image, or the setting / rising sun, morning fog or whatever. In order to find a magical place I scouted through the forests several times and countless hours looking for possible image compositions (which is always tough in a forest with all its complexities and wild structures) and previsualizing where the sun would be at sunrise / sunset etc. However, long story short, I haven't found that special place where all elements come together perfectly for what I had envisioned in this years season but I am again pretty satisfied with the results. Maybe I'll find that magic place I have in my mind next year. Meanwhile enjoy the fruits of my endeavours and scouting tours of this years season by watching the photos below.























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Published 9 years and 1 month ago by Dave


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Tolle Aufnahme! So viel Bärlauch habe ich bei Leipzig noch nie gesehen! Wo genau war das denn?
Lg Alex
Written 9 years and 1 month ago by Guest


Hallo Alex, die Bilder sind im Clara-Zetkin Park aufgenommen.

Gruße aus Norwegen!
Written 9 years and 1 month ago by Dave

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