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After six flights, a few ferry rides and about 2000km in the car we are back from the Lofoten, Norway.


We had some nice and eventful weeks in the arctic from mid-august to mid-september but the weather was kind of strange and a bit odd. The first days we had a good mix of rain and clouds but then we often only had completely grey skies and flat light or blue bird skies without any clouds. Not quite optimal for landscape photography. But since it was not a pure photo motivated and dedicated tour we nevertheless enjoyed this trip and seeing this breathtaking Lofoten landscapes with our own eyes. We spent the first part of the trip in an awesome rorbuer in Reine and the surroundings and did some decent mountain hikes (steep up to 70%) like Reinebringen, Kvalvika Beach and Bunes Beach plus lots of other worth seeing villages, mountains and beaches like Eggum-, Uttakleiv- and Unstad Beach. My new travel photo backpack did a good job and there was no problem with its size during the flights. For the second part of the trip we drove further north towards Austvågøya and since there are far more trees and generally vegetation than in Moskenesøya we saw the beginning autumn season on the leaves which was nice because autumn is my favourite season. In Svolvær we also had a beautiful rorbuer and did some nice hikes like Tjeldbergtinden with its two summits and impressive views. We enjoyed the last days of the trip relaxing in the sun, again with completely blue bird skies and about 20°C, in September. In one of those starry nights we even saw Northern Lights!


I will have a look at the landscape shots and write some more detailed hiking reports in the upcoming weeks and months when I have returned to "normal working mode"  - so stay tuned.

Published 10 years and 5 months ago by Dave


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