With this article I present my personal three favorite photos from the past year 2022. In the last months I had a lot of fun diving more into the abstract kind of photography.


I was fortunate to travel to Iceland and revisit some beloved locations but I also found some new ones and new perspectives. On another trip I drove about 7000 kilometers through scandinavia and again visited swedish lappland and the arctic island of Senja in Northern Norway. During the fall season I was primarily shooting the fabulous forest of the Harz region and the Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland in Germany. I also - again - wrote lots of new tutorials, guides and product reviews for my german landscape photography blog. If you are interrested you can find a much more detailed review of my photographic year here (german).


Following are my personal top three photos of 2022:





An abstract pattern of a braided glacial river in Iceland, photographed from above.







The sun is shining through a gap in the clouds, illuminating the rugged mountains of the fjord during the golden hour before sunset in Northern Norway.






An abstract autumn expression of fall foliage reflected in a calm lake near Leipzig, Germany.




Anual Best of Gallery


If you're interested in seeing more photos of 2022, here is my anual gallery with the 16 best photos of 2022.



Infrared landscape photos


In 2022 I also worked on another project which I started in 2021. I added some new photos to my series of infrared landscape photos. All photographed near Brumby or Leipzig on several bicycle photo tours. One example here:





This is just a short summary of my annual review. You can find a more detailed article about the photos of 2022 on my German photo blog.

Published 1 year and 4 months ago by Dave


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