After being into landscape photography for more than 15 years now during last couple of years I've always thought about writing more about landscape photography. I thought about writing an eBook or to publish a "real" book or creating a dedicated site for it with the purpose on sharing my knowledge and thoughts about it with other people. At the end of the last year I figured out and realized that my passion for landscape photography, writing and creating websites is best combined with a new photo blog.





So, there it is. I finally started the new project at the beginning of this year. The site is meant to be as an interactive, digital version of a photography book, with the option to share opinions and further questions within each articles (chapters) comment section. The blog now has about 20 articles but I am working on it on a daily basis. You'll find technique tutorials for beginners and advanced photogrpahers, lots of know-how, tips and tricks, product guides, photo business tipps, trip-reports and of course how-to plan a dedicated photo trip. This site combines all my lifes passions. Landscape Photography, Traveling, creating Websites and Writing. I hope you'll enjoy!





Note: The site is written not in english but in my own native language, which is german. Translated it is "Passion for Landscape Photography". I am writing this in german because I want to concentrate most on the content itself, not on translating and thinking in another language.


Here is the link to the site:
Leidenschaft Landschaftsfotografie

Published 5 years ago by Dave


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