beach chairs, baltic sea, coast, beach, alone, among, strangers, strandkörbe, ostsee

Here you see the world's best photo. At the same time it is also the most expensive photograph ever composed, processed and offered to the public. The artwork is available for only 24.999.999,00 EUR in a limited collectors edition of only one piece worldwide which will be sold exclusively to one person.

The photo is a conceptual image taken at a beach at the Baltic Sea in Germany near Graal-Müritz showing one lonely white beach chair among a lot of strange red beach chairs. In addition to the Vignette the sandy foreground and the trees are out of focus to draw and keep the viewers attention in the middle of the frame on the protagonist.


Feel free to have a deeper look at the artwork by following the link to the photograph's page. Below the image you will find an option to purchase this unique image. More limited edition offers can be found in this gallery. You might also be interested in the world's best jacket.

Published 10 years and 5 months ago by Dave


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