With this article I want to present to you my personal top three photos from 2019. During last year I did not go on as many photo trips like in the years before and thereby took less photos than usual per year. One reason is that I started a long anticipated project, naming a landscape photography blog. I've spent quite a lot of evenings and weekends writing tutorials, product reviews and trip reports for the new site. However, I nevertheless managed to spent a few weeks on a dedicated photo car-camping trip in Norway and some time in the Saxon and Bohemaian Switzerland and the Harz region in middle Germany.


Following are my personal top three photos of 2019:




The majestic Sunnmøre Alps with their countless epic mountains, streams and the Sunnmøre fjords all around, it its like a dream coming true for photographers. With the right kind of light the landscape almost looks unreal, like a scene from a fantasy movie.






The spectacular waterfall Vøringsfossen near Eidfjord with a total drop of 182 meters seen from the top of Måbødalen cascading down from the Hardangervidda Highlands down the valley to Måbøvatnet in September at sunset.





A beautiful little Island of Dreams in the lake Oppstrynsvatnet near Stryn.




Anual Best of Gallery


If you're interested in seeing more photos of 2019, here is my anual gallery with the 16 best photos of 2019.

Published 4 years and 4 months ago by Dave


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