A beautiful double rainbow, nice storm light and clouds featuring a little mountain stream and this green valley near Flesspass in Switzerland.

For those of you interested in some additional information behind the photo... we had not planned to end up there on the Flesspass surrounded by thunderstorms with only one hour until sunset on 2300m. At this point we were pretty lost and did not know where exactly we were going to. We started our eight hour hike in the early afternoon and planned to be back at the car before it gets dark. First everything went well. We hiked our way up to 2730m in time, enjoyed the spectacular view from Jöriflüelafurgga and had a copious picnic at one of the Jöri lakes. So far so good. We started our descent about five o'clock and planned to be back at the car at about seven. But then the first thunderstorm was coming in right over the peaks next to us. Dark fast moving clouds with rain and thunderbolts were rolling in. Scary. My girlfriend and I wanted to get down from the mountain as fast as possible and then it happended. We missed the right trail junction. At the point we realized that this had happend we could only go on down the current trail since we were surrounded by thunderstorms with lightning everywhere and only one hour until the sun sets and it gets dark. After approx. one hour of descent it startet to rain stronger but then we luckily met two italian women somewhere on the Flesspass who had a car at the end of the trail. They were kind enough to drive us back over another mountain pass road to our own car. My girlfriend and one of the Italian had to seat in the dog cage (with a huge dog in it of course) in the back of their old two-seat Range Rover. She was not that amused, but at the end of the day and after 1400 meter difference in altitude we were both happy to be back safely.

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