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Back from Iceland!

After flying to Isafjordhur via Reykjavik on Sunday 31/08/2008 the adventure started in the northern fjords of Iceland with a little boat scene. On the second day we drove into the wild and through the highlands of Iceland. We saw Godafoss, Galcier Bay, awesome beaches near Vik, Skogafoss, Geysir, Blue Lagoon and lots of other very remote and impressive locations. Finally arrived back at Reykjavik on Friday night, I flew back to Germany on Saturday in the early morning. Resumed it was a very fascinating and impressing but even so a very exhausting trip through Iceland. More details, photos and of course the film will follow.

Link: Photos of Iceland

Published 15 years and 8 months ago by Dave


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I can't wait to see your photos Dave. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work.

Oh, to be an ounce as good as you with my camera. ;)
Written 15 years and 7 months ago by Dusty


thanks, you're very welcome!
Written 15 years and 7 months ago by Dave

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