With this article I present my personal three favorite photos from the past year 2021. Due to the 2nd year of the pandemic I was - again - primarily shooting in Germany and the Alps, of course I visited the fabulous Harz region and the Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland several times. I also - again - wrote more than twenty new tutorials, guides and product reviews for my german landscape photography blog.


Following are my personal top three photos of 2021:




A famous and breathtaking view over rugged mountains and forests in Saxon Switzerland during a vivid sunset in spring, Saxony Germany.






An alpine beauty with a classical view of huts in a meadow, a mountain lake and the massive Karwendel group in the distance catching the last light of the day.





The mighty Aletsch Glacier in the Swiss Alps during the golden light before sunset, photographed from the rugged peak of Mt. Eggishorn (2926 Hm).




Anual Best of Gallery


If you're interested in seeing more photos of 2021, here is my anual gallery with the 16 best photos of 2021.



Infrared landscape photos


In 2021 I also worked on another project which I had in my mind for quite a while now. I was fortunate to realize a series of 16 infrared landscape photos. All photographed near Brumby or Leipzig on several bicycle photo tours. See some examples here:









In-Game Photography



Next to the "normal photography", I also enjoyed and explored some new virtual adventures during the past year. Here are some ingame photos from AC Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077. You can find a lot more shots by clicking the links to the games galleries.


AC Valhalla






Cyberpunk 2077







This is just a short summary of my annual review. You can find a more detailed article about the photos of 2021 on my German photo blog.

Published 2 years and 3 months ago by Dave


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