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This map shows the most photographed places on earth, based on analysis of photos and geolocation data on Panoramio. As far as I know it was first created by


Especially as a landscape and travel photographer I think it is an interesting study where people take a lot of photos and where one can still explore new places and unique photo locations. Of course this data says nothing about uniqueness and quality of the photos. It surely also corrolates with the areas population density, infrastructure (and accessibility), the residents income and their affinity for photography and sharing photos on the web, but it is still very interesting.


Obviously the fascinating Siberia in Russia, most parts of Alaska in the US and large parts of Africa are still not discovered - at least photographically. On the other side the map also shows that it seems that every single spot in Europe already has been photographed thousands of times. But nonetheless I am pretty sure a keen photographer with the right kind of eyes still can find new (not yet photographed) locations all around Europe or at least can find new viewpoints, angles, special light and weather conditions, new techniques and compositions to tell the story of a place with his/her own style. Nevertheless, looking at this data somehow makes me want to find the less photographed places. After quite some years of creating images and going on dedicated photo-tours I more and more think exploring and discovering the landscape and the light are most of the fun. Getting home with a stunning new photo is wonderful but if you return emptyhanded (which will happen often) don't be disappointed! Think of being out there and away from it all already is the reward. If you can enjoy solitude and nature like me you'll return with a smile on your face from every trip.


Here is the large version of the map. Most photographed places in the world via @Earth_Pics – Imgur.




There is a new interactive site with the map available here:

Published 10 years and 4 months ago by Dave


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