I am pleased to offer two new products:


Acrylic-Glass Sealed, Ready to Hang


The images are printed on latest large format printers with color management on traditional photographic paper and then chemically developed. The photo is mounted on a carrier plate made of aluminum and then glued with a thin layer of silicone, acrylic glass and thus sealed. With this form of sealing the photo is protected from UV radiation and other weather influences.


Aluminum bars are mounted on the back so that the print floats 20mm off of the wall, appearing like a glass framed print is floating on the wall without the matte and frame.


These glossy Acrylic-glass mounted prints raise the bar for extraordinary image quality, with a vibrant clarity of colors, deeper darker black tones and a luscious depth of contrast. The clarity is similar to traditional glass framing, if not better, since the print is pressed directly onto the glass with no space and no reflections in between.


Although the Acrylic-glass mounted prints are more expensive than my other mounting styles, they are my personal favorite and they provide the ultimate in stunning image quality and elegant display style.


Alu Dibond


Alu Dibond is an approximately 3 mm thick composite panel consisting of two aluminum plates and a black polyethylene core (hard plastic).

The image is mounted on this immensely stable plate. Attached on the back of the plate are spacer and suspension. With the spacers, it seems like the image is floating in front of the wall .



You can order prints directly from each photo's page (if that photo is for sale) by scrolling down beneath the photo to see the print options.

Get more Information about ordering prints on this page.

Published 11 years and 3 months ago by Dave


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