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This gallery features a variety of different conceptual photographies.

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harz, lake, blue hour, abstract, long exposure, germany, 2023, Conceptual, photo
lake, mountains, shore, abstract, alps, bavaria, aerial, topdown, drone, germany, 2021, Conceptual, photo
ocean, baltic sea, fog, abstract, winter, long exposure, beach, blue hour, germany, Conceptual, photo
lake, reflection, mirror, abstract, leipzig, reality, forest, germany, 2022, Conceptual, photo
wine, aerial, balloon, vienna, exclusive, edition, austria, april, 1st, Conceptual, photo
aerial, drone, topdown, river, abstract, glacier, iceland, 2022, Conceptual, photo
fall, autumn, foliage, lake, reflection, forest, abstract, germany, 2022, Conceptual, photo
beach, summer, dunes, sand, exclusive, edition, spain, 2014, Conceptual, photo
corn, aerial, balloon, vienna, exclusive, edition, austria, april, 1st, Conceptual, photo
autumn, fall, reflection, lake, forest, foliage, abstract, leipzig, germany, 2022, Conceptual, photo
latest, lake, mountain, reflection, abstract, trees, autumn, italy, 2015, Conceptual, photo
illusion, reality, abstract, dive, lake, Conceptual, photo
kirkenes, boulevard, snow, norway, Conceptual, photo
abstract, forest, coast, trees, farns, germany, 2016, Conceptual, photo
night, brumby, pool, stars, jupiter, milky way, germany, 2019, Conceptual, photo
beach chairs, baltic sea, coast, beach, alone, among, strangers, strandkörbe, ostsee, Conceptual, photo
grassland, balloon, horses, austria, pferde, wien, hot-air,, Conceptual, photo
baltic sea, beach, coast, sunset, lonely,  strandkorb, graal-müritz, strand, traum, dream, dramatic, sky, dramatisch, himmel, wolken, germany, Conceptual, photo
kirsten, pool, underwater, summer, brumby, Conceptual, photo
lake, woods, reflection, abstract, mirror, trees, harz, germany, 2023, Conceptual, photo
football, soccer, vienna, austria, fussball, spanien, italien, europa, meisterschaft, 2008, european, championship, won, Conceptual, photo
baltic sea, beach, icecream, zingst, summer, sea, ocean, coast, germany, 2016, Conceptual, photo
sand, beach, sunset, coast, abstract, germany, 2016, Conceptual, photo
pool, summer, water, sun, 2013, Conceptual, photo

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