Here you find links to all our hiking reports we did on the Lofoten islands in Northern Norway.





When visiting the Lofoten and especially Moskenesøya, Reinebringen should be on top of every hikers list. It is a relatively short but really steep and challenging hike (40% - 70%). Even though the summit is at only 448 meter it provides some of the best and breathtaking panoramic views. Go to the hiking-report: Hiking Reinebringen






Kvalvika Beach:


Kvalvika is located on the northern side of the Moskenesøya island. It is one of the most scenic beaches on the Lofoten. With its tuquoise waters and the golden sandy beach it is a must-see location when visiting the Lofoten islands.
Go to the hiking-report here: Kvalvika Beach




Kvalvika Beach



Bunes Beach:


Bunes Beach is located pretty isolated on the western side of Reinefjorden, near Vindstad and Bunesfjorden on the Moskenesøya island, Norway. Next to Kvakvika Beach it is one of the most scenic beaches of the Lofoten. Go to the hiking-report here: Bunes Beach





Bunes Beach






With its two summits Tjeldbergtinden is the table mountain of the area between Svolvaer and Kabelvåg. Even though it is "only" 367m high and by far not the highest mountain of the region both summits provide awesome panoramic views over the cities of Svolvaer, Kabelvåg and Vågan. Go to the hiking-report here: Hiking Tjeldbergtinden




Svolvaer Aerial



Follow the links to find more photos from the Lofoten and Norway.

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